Personal Training Details

SHOULD YOU DECIDE TO GO AHEAD AND BOOK SESSIONS, all equipment will be provided by me, and brought to your home.   If you have any “unused” exercise equipment at home, then we can utilise this too!  There are thousands of cross-trainers and exercise bikes currently being used as a clothes horse!  You know what I’m talking about!   Not Good!  I will properly assess your fitness levels, ie. Cardiovascular, strength, flexibility, and record your weight and measurements.  This will be used at a later date to compare to  your successful results!!  You will see a difference!   I will ask you to do some work between sessions, and it is up to you to carry it out.  I will always be available every day via email or telephone to help you.  I WANT YOU TO SUCCEED!!!!

EQUIPMENT   USED : A selection of Hand weights, weight bars, kettle bells,resistance bands, Punch mitts, medicine ball, aerobic steps, stability ball, body blades, skipping ropes etc,  a mat.   You might choose to incorporate a run/jog in your workout, There are endless options.


•Aerobic work in many forms

•strength training

•combat/kickboxing moves

•core-strength and stablility training

•fitness yoga & Pilates



Feel free to try them all!  Each one has its own benefits, and we will choose the best options for you.  You can mix and match sessions to include just one, or all of the above – Its your call!

WHY DO I THINK I CAN HELP?   I have 18+ years experience in teaching exercise and fitness to people of all ages and fitness levels,  and as a result, I have learned what people really want from exercise, and I know I can find something you will like!  I am motivating, without being annoying (I hope!) I am very easy to get along with, and I have lots and lots of patience!  I am understanding and am a very good listener.  But most of all, I really want to help people get on the right track, and to ENJOY EXERCISE, because it really can be enjoyable!



WHAT’S INCLUDED IN THE PRICE? – Remember – Your health is priceless!

An initial consultation of unlimited time

Your fitness assessment and ongoing monitoring of weight and measurements

Nutritional guidance and support

A complimentary exercise/yoga mat given at the first session for you to keep

Your tailor-made personal training session

Contact every day via email or telephone for ongoing support and motivation if required

Your workout schedule for use between sessions

Fun and enjoyment