About Me

I started teaching my first "aerobics" class in September 1991, and I remember the nerves!   I talked myself out of it several times that day at work - but in the end I gritted my teeth, and did it!  I thought that if it lasted for a few months, at least I'd had a go.  The rest is history!  I moved on into the world of "step" which was very popular then, and added this to my repertoir.  Those were the days of shiny lycra leotards, and I certainly went to town with the colours!  In 1994 I gave up my full time job to start a family, but continued with the two evening classes, eventually adding daytime classes when my children started school.  The lycra vanished, never to be seen again, but my classes have continued and grown over the years!  I began personal training in 2000, and  in 2004 I trained with Jayne Nicholls to teach Freestyle Fitness Yoga, which is her own creation.  I haven't looked back since!  It was one of the best decisions I have made!  Freestyle Fitness yoga has evolved from an integrated fitness and Yoga workout into a Level 3 NVQ Yoga Qualification.   I have taught seated exercises to the elderly at several day centres, as well as teaching Freestyle Yoga to children at local schools during their healthy lifestyle week.   I am very fortunate to have a job that I love, and an added bonus is meeting interesting people and making life-long friends!  

Diploma in Fitness & Nutrition1992 - AFAA Instructor Certificate - Renewable bi-annually 1994 - AOGB Step Certificate2004 - BSY Hatha Yoga Teacher Certificate2004 - FFY Instructor Certificate2004 - Jayne Nicholls Freestyle Tour Workshop and Masterclass2005 - Jayne Nicholls Freestyle Fitness Yoga Workshop2008 - AFAA Personal Trainer Certificate2006 - Jayne Nicholls Instructor workshop and Masterclass2007 - Jayne Nicholls Instructor workshop and Fitness Yoga Advanced workshop2009 - Jayne Nicholls Freestyle VIP Instructor workshop & masterclass2010 - AFAA Yoga Essentials/AFAA Yoga Part II/AFAA Multi-Client Training for Personal - Trainers/AFAA Study The Anterior Cruciate - Ligament/AFAA Complete Core Care - Current St.Johns Ambulance emergency - First Aid and CPR - Current study for Childrens Yoga and Sports Massage

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